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One day pass: swimming pools in Cairo

The current heat wave hitting Cairo is an announcement of the summer’s arrival. Understandably, some Cairo residents spend their weekends on the beaches of the North Coast or Red Sea. Those who cannot leave the city might want to spend their Fridays by the pool. Here is a list of four swimming pools in Cairo that are worth visiting all summer. All are open from 9AM until sunset.

Nabila Hotel – Mohandessen:
The swimming pool in Nabila Hotel in Mohandessen is a personal favorite. It is calm, clean and private. The pool is usually visited by foreigners living in Cairo and a handful of the hotel’s residents. The entrance fee is LE40 and the place offers food and drinks at reasonable prices as well. What makes Nabila Hotel swimming pool very special, however, is the relaxed vibe. The workers are nice, the atmosphere is easy-going and calm, and your privacy is ensured. The best part is, no loud house music. The worst part is that the swimming pool might be a bit too small. But if you just want to sunbathe and take a dip, this is the place for you.
Phone number: 0233030302
Address: 4, Gam’et El-Doal Street, Mohandessen

Al-Safir Hotel – Zamalek:
Al-Safir hotel is more of an apartment complex in Zamalek that provides short-term rentals. The hotel has a big swimming pool overlooking the Nile for a fee of LE100. The pool’s sparkling clean water invites you to enjoy swimming there and the place is extremely calm. The view of the Nile adds to the charm. There is one problem, though: The swimming pool is surrounded by buildings in a busy area of Zamalek, so there is no privacy and no sunshine after 2PM. If you want to enjoy the sun, you need to get there as early as possible before the shade of the surrounding buildings covers the entire area. You can have access to a delicious open buffet for your lunch while on the pool for an extra LE120.
Phone number: 0227370055
Address: 21, Mohamed Mazher Street, Zamalek

Sofitel Hotel – Haram:
What stands out in the Sofitel swimming pool is that you do not have to pay for your pass. You are rather billed with a LE120 minimum charge that allows you to order food, drinks or water all day long. The food is delicious and the drinks and cocktails are well prepared. The round swimming pool is perfect for a day of sunbathing and chitchating  with friends. They also have a small green area where you can lay down on the grass and enjoy the soft breeze and the view of the pyramids nearby. The place, on the other hand, is reasonably calm. It really depends on the traffic in Remaya Square. You are in fact sunbathing next to a major traffic zone separated only by a huge wall.
Phone number: 0233770890
Address: Cairo Alex Desert Road, Remaya Square

Semiramis Hotel – Garden City:
With a magnificent view of the Nile, the Cairo Tower and the Qasr el-Nil bridge, this spot has it all: A lovely swimming pool with a relaxing atmosphere, access to great facilities including a sauna, a steam room, jacuzzi and a gym. Amazing restaurants are nearby, from which you can order food while lounging by the water. The only problem here is high prices. It might even be easier and cheaper for you to buy a six-month membership than a day pass that costs almost as much as a month membership. The place offers a six-month membership for a little under LE3000 including taxes. It might be the right choice for you instead of renewing your gym membership.
Phone number: 0227957171
Address: Cornish El-Nile, Garden City

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