Oil spill appears in Kafr al-Sheikh canal

Eyewitnesses confirmed Tuesday the sighting of an oil spill in the Miet Yazied Canal in Kafr al-Sheikh City. They added the spill had first appeared two days earlier in the Masier Canal.

Fouad Abdel Rahman, head of state-owned Kafr el-Sheikh Water & Sewerage Company, said the Health Ministry is joining forces with the company to investigate the spill and analyze samples of the canal's water regularly.

Should the spill proven harmful to human health, stations processing the canal water for consumption will be shut down, Abdel Rahman said.

Abdallah Mesbah, deputy head of Kafr al-Sheikh City Council, said he is following the situation closely and that the city's drinking water is safe for now.

Mesbah added that reports a fisherman is responsible for the spill have not been verified.

Some water processing plants in Kafr al-Sheikh City closed for two days around three months ago due to another oil spill in the Miet Yazied Canal.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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