Official stats put per capita monthly income at LE98

A recent study conducted by the Investment Authority revealed that the monthly per capita income in Egypt stood at LE98, considerably lower than the internationally-recognized poverty line of LE164.

"The government pays a minimum basic monthly salary of LE394, which becomes LE98 if calculated on a per capita basis for a household of four," authority adviser Samir Radwan explained.

In a related development, Mohamed el-Tarabolsy, head of Middle East Labor Affairs at the International Labor Organization, accused the Egyptian government of violating seven international agreements with the organization pertaining to social security benefits and the minimum wage.

"The wage crisis in Egypt is the result of an unjust distribution of wealth," he said.

At a conference devoted to the needs of the domestic labor market on Tuesday, el-Tarabolsy declared that the ILO was willing to extend financial and technical support to the Egyptian government with a view towards helping it meet agreed-upon obligations.

"An increase in the minimum wage requires open dialogue among all competent authorities," el-Tarabolsy noted. "The Egyptian Trade Union Federation is pushing for LE900 per month, while human rights organizations are asking for a monthly minimum wage of LE1200."

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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