Official proposes bill barring former NDP members from politics

An Egyptian judicial official has proposed a draft law that would bar members of Egypt's former ruling party from politics, independent daily newspaper Al-Shorouk said on Monday.

The bill, submitted to the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) by State Council Vice President Hassan al-Salamony, would deny members of the now-disbanded National Democratic Party (NDP) from political activity for five consecutive years.

The proposed law applies to those who held leadership positions or served in subcommittees from 2000 to 2011, as well as candidates running for the party in parliamentary and local councils elections.

The bill would deny former NDP members access to leading positions in media, labor, sports and civil society organizations.

It would require the local development minister to make former members' names public for 10 days on a local level and to terminate their service in senior positions.

Egypt's revolutionaries fear former NDP members will infiltrate the next parliament through newly-established political parties that have received official recognition since the revolution.

The Political Parties Affairs Committee has approved the establishment of seven parties believed to be founded by NDP loyalists.

On 17 August, the Egyptian government approbated an amended version of the 1952 Treason Law, referring it to the SCAF for approval.

The military council, however, has not yet decided whether to reactivate the law.

The Treason Law imposes penalties on public servants, MPs and ministers for any actions that spoil political life or endager the country’s interests, and for the abuse of power for political benefit.

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