Official: Japan only country to maintain Egypt-travel ban

Tourism Ministry Deputy Sami Mahmoud said almost all foreign countries, except Japan, have removed travel bans to Egypt.

During a tourism exhibition in Saudi Arabia’s Riyadh, Mahmoud said Japan is the only country that did not completely lift the ban but reduced it to a "second-degree," which means the country is on the way to completely overturning it.

Several countries imposed travel bans on citizens after the outbreak of the Egyptian revolution on 25 January.

Mahmoud added that security in Egypt is stable and said the interior minister assured that all the tourist regions and destinations are highly secure.

Arab and foreign tourists, according to Mahmoud, will be warmly welcomed this year and not face problems like before.

Mahmoud said that inbound tourists in Egypt reached 14.7 million between the years 2002-2010, and about 70-75 percent of them come from Europe.

Regarding countries that send the most tourists, Mahmoud said that Russia is on the top with almost 2.8 million tourists, UK with 1.5 million tourists, Germany with 1.2 million tourists, Italy with 1.1 million tourists, France with 700,000 tourists, and Poland with 600,000 tourists.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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