Official Gazette publishes prices of unsubsidized bread

On Sunday, the Official Gazette published a cabinet decision setting the selling price of unsubsidized bread.

The Cabinet decision stipulated that all shops, bakeries and other outlets are obligated to announce the prices of products in places visible to buyers.

The maximum price for an unsubsidized loaf of special bread (the 27 percent bread) was priced at one pound.

The prices were determined based on the weight of the loaf as follows:

-The loaf weighing 45 grams is for 50 piasters.

-The loaf weighing 65 grams is for 75 piasters.

-The loaf weighing 90 grams is LE1.

The maximum price of a hot dog bun (Fino bread) was set at LE1. The prices were based on the weight of the loaf as follows:

-The loaf weighing 40 grams is for 50 piasters

-The loaf weighing 60 grams is for 75 piasters

-The loaf weighing 80 grams is for LE1.

The Cabinet announced a penalty for violating the prices of unsubsidized bread, (special bread and Fino bread) a fine of no less than LE100,000 and not more than LE5 million.

The Cabinet said the mew prices will be applied starting March 21, 2022, for a period of three months or until further notice, whichever comes first.

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