Number of Egyptian students in the US increases 76% in 10 years: Erudera

The United States has been one of the most popular places among Egyptian students to pursue higher education, with a remarkable 76 percent increase in the number of students throughout the last decade. 

The number of students from Egypt in the US has increased from 2,181 in the 2010/11 academic year to 3,859 students in 2019/20, reports.

The report did show a slight decrease in students between the academic years 2016/17 and 2018/19.

Back in the mid-50s, there were just 351 Egyptian students in the US. Figures had jumped 586 percent by the mid-80’s with 2,410 students.

Since then, the number of Egyptian students in the US per year until 2012/13 increased by only 200.

Despite the US hosting nearly 4,000 Egyptian students during 2019/20, the country has welcomed far fewer students from neighboring country Libya, with just 720 present during the same academic year.

Moreover, 2226 students from Israel were present that same year.

Many students stay in Egypt to study on the USAID-funded Public University Scholarships program, which is funded through the US-Egypt Higher Education Initiative. The scholarship aims to contribute to the workforce in Egypt in sectors important for the country’s economic development.

The scholarship is granted to high school graduates to attend public universities while simultaneously participating in leadership training, career planning, internships, community service, and study abroad activities.

Cairo, Ain Shams, Assuit, Mansoura, and Alexandria are some of the universities that students receiving this scholarship can attend.

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