Nubians enter third day of protest at Aswan Governorate building

Nubian demonstrators are protesting for the third day in front of the Aswan Governorate building.

The protest started Sunday when angry demonstrators voiced their anger over the failure of Governor Mostafa al-Sayyed to respond to their demands.

The protesters demand relocation to the land they were forced to leave during the construction of Egypt's High Dam in the 1960s. They also demand parliamentary representation.

The protesters blocked the building's main gate, denying employees entry to the facility and bringing some government services to a halt.

Security authorities and Nubian community leaders failed to convince the protesters to reopen the roads that demonstrators have blocked since Sunday. 

They also failed to convince the protesters to give the government a chance to respond to their demands.

On Sunday, the protesters set fire to the governorate building and destroyed the governor’s office.

Prime Minister Essam Sharaf is scheduled to visit Aswan on 7 September. He plans to hold meetings with Nubian community leaders and hear their demands.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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