Nubian group drafts demands for new president, including repatriation

A Nubian association in Cairo on Tuesday drafted a list of demands that it plans to submit to the new president.

Saleh Adlan, head of the Public Nubian Club, said the document would be officially declared after being submitted to Nubian coalitions in Aswan for final agreement and to ensure it includes all demands.

The draft included several demands for the Nubian community, such as issuing a decision of repatriation of Nubians in their original lands, building new villages on the east and west banks of Lake Nasser, demolishing collapsed houses to contain Nubian population growth and establishing a supreme authority to develop old Nubia.

The authority should include Nubian experts in development and be affiliated to the Cabinet, the draft said.

The document demanded the formation of a comprehensive development map for old Nubia to be achieved according to a timeline, and the completion of the Karkar Valley housing project so Nubians can get their houses and agricultural lands.

The demands also include giving land and houses to Nubians, who were harmed by the construction of the Aswan reservoir.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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