Nubia TV aims to overcome years of marginalization

Nader Naeem, head of Nubia Television, which will be launched within few days, said that the channel mainly targets “informing Egyptians and the whole world about the history of Nubia, after years of marginalization of Nubians by former regimes.”
Naeem added that the channel broadcasts through Streets of Egypt media production company. The channel will be launched once procedures of the public offering on the channel’s shares among Nubians have been completed.
The channel will focus on two main goals, according to Naeem, which are “revealing the real history of Nubia, as well as future and development of Nubia.” Offices for the channel were founded in London, Aswan and Ismailia. Others offices are being allocated in several governorates as well as Arab and European capitals.
Edited translation from MENA

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