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NRIAG denies US HAARP behind recent devastating earthquakes

The National Research Institute of Astronomy and Geophysics (NRIAG) in Egypt denied an external cause, such as the US HAARP, for the earthquakes which occurred recently in Syria and Turkey, as well as Egypt.

NRIAG said, on its official page on Twitter: “A person claimed that the HAARP was the reason for the earthquakes in the region, and claimed that the earth was flat and claimed that the space images were forged.”

“Earthquakes are a natural phenomenon, and there are no so-called weapons that cause earthquakes. This account does not spread anything but ignorance,” NRIAG said.” 

A Twitter account published a statement attributed to the director of the Higher Institute of Seismic Studies and Research at the University of Damascus, Hala Hassan, who stated: “Before yesterday’s earthquake on the borders of Turkey and Syria, a blue flash was observed in the sky, there is no explanation for that, except that before the tremors there was a change in the electric and magnetic fields of the atmosphere.

This is another evidence of external manipulation of the atmospheric layers of the earthquake zones.”

The account confirmed in its tweet, that what is happening now in terms of successive earthquakes with vague signs ahead are not natural phenomena.

“I said that and many accused me of lying, but I still insisted on continuing to warn of what is to come may those who are still sane listen”. 

I am not one of the skeptics, but we have to be prepared and psychologically ready for any possibilities,” the tweet read.

The account claimed that there is a relation between the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) and the occurrence of a devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Syria.

HAARP takes place in military facilities in Gakona, Alaska, and contains 180 antennas distributed over an area of 14 hectares, emitting high-frequency radio waves that reach the Earth’s lower atmosphere.

This program was created for the purpose of ionospheric analysis and research into the possibility of developing and enhancing ion field technology for radio communications and monitoring purposes.

The secret HAARP project can contribute to climate change by intensely bombarding the atmosphere with high-frequency rays, and by converting low-frequency waves into high-intensity ones, and it can also affect human brains.

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