North Sinai launches signature campaign against el-Qassas

Arish–Residents from North Sinai have launched a campaign to gather signatures to call for MP Nashaat el-Qassas’ membership in the People’s Assembly to be revoked after he made statements urging the police to shoot protesters.
Other political activists have filed reports against el-Qassas and the National Democratic Party, of which he is a member.
Alaa el-Kashef, media coordinator for the Popular Committee for Citizen’s Rights in North Sinai, said that members of the Karama and Tagammu parties wished to file reports against el-Qassas but officers at Arish police station had refused to cooperate.
The committee therefore decided to take matters further by filing a report against both el-Qassas and the interior minister.
The committee is calling for people to participate in a protest that will be staged on Friday in front of el-Refaie Mosque in Arish. The committee also demands el-Qassas’ arrest on the ground of his “incitement to murder.”
Meanwhile, the US-based Egyptian-American Alliance condemned the MP’s calls to shoot protesters.
Mahmoud el-Shazly, head of the alliance, criticised Fathi Sorour, People’s Assembly speaker, for his “silence” on the matter. El-Shazly said he is surprised at the lack of comment on the part of Sorour, who he described as “a man of law and guardian of freedom of expression at the People’s Assembly.”
Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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