No poisonous jellyfish on Egyptian coasts: Environment Ministry

The Environment Ministry announced in a statement last Sunday that jellyfish were spotted on northeastern and western coasts. A specialized committee has been formed to check the two types of jellyfish, Rhizostoma and Rhopilema Nomadica, to make sure they are not venomous and won’t endanger holidaymakers.

The statement added that Kuwait faced a major dilemma when jellyfish were about to block the cooling filters of the local coastal electricity station, which indicates that jellyfish have spread over several countries as result of rising temperatures.

The ministry denied news of closing certain beaches in Egypt as a result of Physalia physalis, a blue poisonous jellyfish, having appeared. It added that this specific type of jellyfish has never been found on Egyptian coasts.

The ministry also established a hotline (19808) and Whatsapp number (0122-269-3333) for related inquiries or reports.


Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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