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No amendments to power outage hours during Ramadan: Official

Egyptian Cabinet Spokesperson Mohamed al-Hommosany on Monday denied rumors spread online claiming the timings for power cuts and load reductions during the upcoming month of Ramadan will be lowered to one hour instead of two hours per day.

“There is no amendment to the hours for reducing electrical loads, due to the month of Ramadan,” he clarified.

In the event that power outage hours are modified for the month of Ramadan, he explained that the Cabinet will announce this officially.

The government put its plan of load reductions in place on July 17, brought on by increased electricity consumption due to searing heatwaves across the nation.

The plan involved cutting off electricity throughout the country to reduce daily consumption, which had risen to up to 36 gigawatts.

Ministry of Electricity officials reportedly plan that electricity loads in Egypt will continue to be reduced until March due to a decrease in fuel supplied to production stations aiming to benefit from gas exports during the coming months.

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