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A night of glamor with Malak el-Ezzawi

Young fashion designer Malak el-Ezzawi celebrated the launch of her 2010 spring/summer collection, “Tales as old as time,” in the ballroom of Moqatam’s Uptown Compound last Monday.

The entrance was adorned with four fuccia, black and white, and bronze grand soiree dresses. The corridor and the red carpet were lit by small candles leading to the magnificent white and purple ballroom. The glass catwalk was unusually long and hundreds of crystal strings dangled from the ceiling. Purple orchids decorated the tables and a bag of give-aways rested on every chair.

The back stage was hectic, with stagehands, models, makeup and hair artists running around as el-Ezzawi gave her final instructions before starting on her own hair and makeup.

The show started with live music and a wedding dress, a strapless white gown with silver beading and embroidery on the corsage. The six dresses of the “Little Princess” collection followed, including a long, golden, strapless dress and a white tutu with a wide ribbon around the waist. El-Ezzawi used colors like fuccia, light and royal blue, and purple.

Finally came the main collection. El-Ezzawi used head bands with flowers and feathers matching the soft, wavy hairdos of the models. Models sported dark ethnic drawings on their faces, which seemed out of context. Chiffon was widely used in several pastel shades. Silver payette and drapery was also used in some designs. In general the collection would suit the modern young woman who wishes to add a bit extra.       

Before debuting her 66 creations, el-Ezzawi talked to Al-Masry Al-Youm about her beginnings, her achievements, and her plans for the future.

Al-Masry Al-Youm: What is your educational background?

Malak el-Ezzawi: I graduated from the American University in Cairo with a BA in Business Administration. After graduation, I travelled to Paris for a one-year intensive fashion design course.

Al-Masry: When was your launch as a designer?

El-Ezzawi: In November 2008, a few months after I came back from Paris, I launched my first collection. Up until now, I have put together two big fashion shows. The first was at the Baron’s Palace and the second was in the Manial Shiha Residence.

Al-Masry: What inspired this third collection?

El-Ezzawi: This collection is called “Tales as Old as Time” and is basically inspired by the romantic era and fairy tales. My designs for the spring/summer 2010 collection are soft and flowery, but reflect the two sides of every woman–her fragility and her audacity. The collection consists of 60 dresses, one wedding dress and six dresses for the “Little Princess” collection for kids from ages four to seven. All dresses are grand soiree. I also have a ready-to-wear collection, which is usually limited edition, featured only in magazine photo shoots.    

Al-Masry: Who do you look up to?

El-Ezzawi: Ellis Saab and Balmain.

Al-Masry: What about brides-to-be? What do you have to offer for them?

El-Ezzawi: Well, all my dresses are one-piece. When a bride comes to my atelier, she can choose from the already existing collections and this is when I make some small size alterations or we can work out a new design from scratch.  

Al-Masry: What age group do you target? And what is your price range?

El-Ezzawi: My youngest client was a nine-month-old girl and my eldest was an 80 year old. But I usually target young women between the ages of 18 to 40. My prices range between LE3000 and LE7000.

Al-Masry: Any news about a men’s line?

El-Ezzawi: Many people have asked me about a men’s line and I believe that will be one of my future plans.

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