News briefs: Gun battles, family feuds, forgery and fraud

Gun battle at Sinai factory

Gunmen fired at a military cement factory in central Sinai on Wednesday evening, prompting the guards to return fire.

A security source said that there were no casualties or damages in the incident, and that army troops are combing the area in search of the insurgents.

Family feud in Salam City

A man was killed and four others were injured on Wednesday evening during a fight between two families in Salam city.

In retaliation, the family of the deceased set fire to four apartments and three stores belonging to the other family. Civil protection forces successfully controlled the blaze.

The violence was sparked in the course of a neighborhood dispute. Both sides used bladed weapons and firearms, which led to the killing of a man from Tawabiya family.

Civil protection forces quelled the strife as five fire trucks and three ambulances were deployed to the scene. An undisclosed number of suspects were arrested on the scene.

Alexandria residents accused of illegally gaining over LE100 million

Two individuals were arrested in Alexandria on charges of illegally obtaining LE100.4 million by forging real estate deeds.

The suspects, 47-year-old craftsman Abdel Sattar Mohamed and the 46-year-old owner of a real estate marketing office, Amr Ibrahim, were accused of selling nonexistent properties and using false IDs to illegally claim power of attorney in order to sell properties that they did not own.

The pair plead guilty to the charges.

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