New wall blocks off streets in downtown Cairo

The Interior Ministry on Sunday erected a concrete wall between Noubar Street and Mohamed Mahmoud Street, where clashes have been taking place between police and protesters since the death of 74 football fans in Port Said on 2 February.

The wall creates a clear divide between police and protester lines. The area from Noubar to Midan Lazoghly, which includes the Interior Ministry and the cabinet buildings, is now full of black-clad riot police, Central Security Forces trucks, army tanks and plain-clothed citizens that support these forces.

Meanwhile, the area from Noubar to Mohamed Mahmoud is where thousands have been protesting and calling for the downfall of military rule. They have been attacked with tear gas and shotgun pellets, resulting in eight deaths so far and hundreds of injuries. 

Since Sunday, police forces have raided flats in the area to search for cameras and activists.

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