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New tourist walkway inaugurated in Hurghada

Red Sea Governor Amr Hanafi on Tuesday inaugurated the third and final phase of the new tourist walkway north of Hurghada, bringing the total length of its phases to eight kilometers at a cost of up to LE100 million as a community contribution from the owners of hotels and tourist villages.

Hanafi said that the new walkway is a touristic addition to the northern Hurghada area.

It includes umbrellas, green spaces, trees, distinctive lighting, cafes, tourist shops, parking areas, and a path for bicycles and walking.

He added that the new tourist walkway serves guests from dozens of hotels and tourist resorts north of Hurghada.

Designed after European sensibilities, it features modern lighting, colorful interlocks, and vast green spaces. The project is a space and park for citizens and guests of hotels in the area, he explained.

It will serve as both a tourist attraction and a place to practice walking and cycling, he said, in addition to green spaces with distinctive energy-saving and environmentally friendly lighting.

Hanafi explained that the new walkway project provides many job opportunities, as a group of tourist shops and bazaars are being established.

The shops and restaurants located on the new walkway will have a special character, Hanafi said, in line with the visual identity of the tourist city.

One of the contributors to the project, Mohamed Abul-Nasr, said that the new walkway aims to display the cultural and aesthetic appearance of the city.

It was created and designed according to the latest international methods by Egyptian hands, he said, with community participation between tourism investors and the Red Sea Governorate.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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