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New Spider-Man comic series to star biracial character

Marvel is heeding the growing chorus for more diversity in their superhero world with the introduction of biracial Spider-Man Miles Morales as the star of its new, official "Spider-Man" comic series.

When the first issue of the relaunched "Spider-Man" comic book hits stores and devices this fall, the hero behind the mask will be Miles Morales, a teenage boy of African-American and hispanic descent, reported The New York Daily News.

Comic book fans know Morales already from Marvel's alternative line "Ultimate" which is being folded into the main Marvel universe.

Though Morales will front Spider-Man in book form, the cinematic version will continue to use Peter Parker as the unsung hero.

Marvel has embarked on a major reboot of their superhero universe in an epic series dubbed "Secret Wars," that will see superheroes and villains battle each other across time and dimensions.

The result of the war will be a major kill-off of some of the publisher's iconic series including the "Amazing Spider-Man".

Select characters and storylines will continue into the new Marvel world.

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