New party to provide free health care services, literacy and computer classes

Misr al-Haditha (Modern Egypt), a new political party awaiting government approval, has decided to offer free health care service to citizens.

The party, which has not yet been officially sanctioned by the country's Parties Affairs Committee, said the move is part of its policy to embolden social solidarity.

The party became the sixth currently seeking recognition when it submitted its application on Wednesday.

Nabil Deibes, who represents the party's founders, said that in addition to health care, Misr al-Haditha will provide literacy and computer classes for free.

Deibes added that Misr al-Haditha has recruited a large number of young members to be fielded as nominees in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

Deibes revealed that his party is mulling the possibility of forming an alliance with a liberal party, saying his party gives special attention to science and education as bases for building a new Egypt.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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