New MB Guidance Bureau holds ‘informal’ first meeting

Freshly elected members of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) opposition group’s Guidance Bureau held a first "informal" meeting Wednesday at the residence of leading MB member Mohamed Abdel Qoddous.

Security officers dressed in civilian attire surrounded the house for the duration of the meeting.

The gathering was overseen by MB General Guide Mahdi Akef–whose term will end later this month–and attended by all Guidance Bureau members, some members of the group’s consultative Shura Council, and the sons of Khairat el-Shater, the group’s second deputy guide now serving a jail term.

Abdel Qoddous said the meeting had been arranged to bid farewell to Akef.

Akef, for his part, declared that a new general guide had already been chosen and that his name would be announced next week.

Asked about the recent resignation of MB First Deputy Guide Mohamed Habib, Akef said: "This matter is closed now."

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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