New Gaza aid convoy arrives at Egypt’s city of Arish

A Gaza-bound aid convoy arrived in the Egyptian city of Arish, North Sinai on Sunday.

North Sinai Governorate official, Gaber al-Araby, who also heads the Egyptian Red Crescent in the governorate, said preparations are underway to allow the convoy, called "Miles of Smiles 4", to transfer its cargo to the strip.

He told reporters that the convoy had arrived at Cairo International Airport before moving to Arish by land.

The convoy includes 35 activists from Spain, the UK and Bahrain, carrying nearly three tons of medicines and other relief supplies.

Gaber added that coordination is underway with the Palestinian Red Crescent and Health Ministry to bring the cargo into the enclave through the Rafah land crossing, before distributing it to hospitals and medical units.

On 19 June, the Miles of Smiles 3 convoy managed to reach Gaza, and was preceded by two other convoys carrying the same name.

On the same day, Israel’s navy intercepted Dignite al-Karama, a French yacht carrying foreign activists seeking to break the Israeli blockade on Gaza, which has been in place since 2007. Israeli authorities deported the activists one day later.

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