New coalition calls for unity demo of Tahrir, Abbasseya protesters

A newly-formed coalition of activists is calling for both Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) proponents and anti-military protesters to unite in a mass demonstration in Tahrir Friday, state media reported Wednesday.

Some, however, are suspicious of the coalition's motives and intentions.

Fifteen political parties and 135 youth groups that are calling themselves the Egyptian Forces Coalition are backing the protest, which they announced during a press conference at El Sawy Culture Wheel Tuesday, according to state-run newspaper Al-Ahram.

The Silent Majority, an umbrella group of several coalitions that have organized protests in Abbasseya in support of Egypt's military rulers, has also urged citizens to attend.

However, activist and political science professor Gamal Zahran and senior Wafd Party member Ashraf Balbaa left the press conference, saying that the coalition only represents the pro-SCAF faction, independent Youm7 newspaper reported on its website Tuesday.

The paper quoted Zahran as saying that he had accepted the press conference invitation because he thought the coalition was seeking a common ground between both camps.

Ibrahim Eissa, the editor-in-chief of independent Al-Tahrir newspaper, has previously alleged that security authorities are creating pseudo-revolutionary coalitions to induce confusion and disorder among revolutionary forces.

The Egyptian Forces Coalition said in a statement that Friday's protest would be the last mass demonstration before the anniversary of the January revolution, state-run MENA reported.


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