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Netflix to produce film on Egypt’s bottlenose dolphins

The Northern Islands Reserve in the Red Sea has attracted streaming platform Netflix and a specialized crew of photographers and technicians to make a film about the life of Bottlenose dolphins in Hurghada – one of the three major area globally where these dolphins live.

Filming will take place throughout 18 days at areas where these dolphins live, with the filming team will be accompanied by an international dolphin expert.

The 75-minute documentary film will be broadcast in 2024 on Netflix across four parts.

Netflix’s team coordinated with the Nature Protection Sector of the Ministry of Environment through the Red Sea reserves and obtained the necessary permits from the State Information Service, adhering to all procedures related to the reserves and photographing dolphins.

The Director of the Red Sea Reserves Ahmed Ghallab confirmed that the selection of the sites of the Northern Islands Reserve are areas where dolphins can be found daily.

The film will help stimulate international tourism in Egypt, he said, especially eco-tourism in the Red Sea.

He explained how the area is one of the most important areas of biodiversity in the reserves, and receives hundreds of tourists daily.

There are strict procedures in place that must be followed for anyone watching the dolphins, Ghallab explained, which include not harassing the animals and staying at a distance of 50 meters.

He said that the duration of watching the dolphins should not exceed 20 minutes. In addition the extreme sensitivity of dolphins to sound means that any loud noises such as calls, horns, whistling, and clapping are to be avoided.

Cruises bring many visitors to Hurghada, both Egyptians and foreigners to watch dolphins in several areas of Hurghada and Marsa Alam.

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