NDP’s passed-over parliamentary nominees threaten to vote for MB rivals

Candidates that were not nominated by the ruling National Democratic Party (NDP) to compete in 28 November parliamentary elections said they would cast their votes for candidates affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood opposition group in order to spite the ruling party.

Several of them have reportedly filed lawsuits demanding that the NDP compensate them for past donations they made to the party.

Passed-over candidates who had intended to run for the Sharabiya and Zawiya electoral districts have tendered their resignations to the NDP's secretary for Cairo. They claim that they scored the highest ratings in opinion polls conducted in their respective constituencies.

They also threatened to file lawsuits against the ruling party for wasting four months–and considerable funding–on useless electoral campaigning.

Other would-be candidates that were passed over by the party announced their intention to run in parliamentary polls as independents.

In Qalyubiya, passed-over NDP candidates plan to hold a conference next Saturday to request the dismissal of a party secretary for allegedly manipulating candidacy applications.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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