NDP official: Elections will witness unprecedented poll violence

Head of the Shura Council's foreign relations committee, Mostafa al-Fiqi, has warned against violence during parliamentary elections scheduled for Sunday.

“Elections time will witness excessive violence, that was never seen in Egypt before,” said NDP member al-Fiqi. “Egypt is heading towards the abyss due to the extremist websites trying to pull us backwards.”

Al-Fiqi added that Egypt is targeted by an array of domestic and international pressures that never existed in the past, claiming foreign entities may be responsible for the Omraniya riot on Wednesday.

Al-Fiqi also charged the Muslim Brotherhood with hindering the development of democracy in Egypt over past years. “The Muslim Brotherhood has a political case not religious. They seek to rule.”

Egypt has regressed recently due to its interior problems and foreign pressures, according to al-Fiqi.

“It’s like a huge elephant that is kept in a room,” he said.

Egypt can regain its influential role through dispatching envoys to Sudan, Nile Basin countries and Lebanon. Egypt must also participate in dialogue with Iran in order to prevent the politically embattled nation to be the sole negotiating voice with the US for the region.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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