NDP members criticize Ahmed Ezz

The National Democratic Party (NDP) announced that it is forming the electoral college for the Shura Council’s bi-elections to be held in June.
Over the past few days, NDP general secretariats from the governorates held meetings with different departments and representatives from the People’s Assembly and the Shura Council to present them with the framework of the electoral college’s formation.
In the meetings, Ahmed Ezz, secretary of the organization, came under fire for his decision to prevent members of the organization secretariat who have held their post for at least five years from being nominated, even if they resign their posts.
Members from the secretariat rejected his decision, saying the current deputies would be future deputies as well.
Participants also criticized Ezz for his decision which allows current deputies and businessmen to win in parliamentary elections, to the exclusion of members from the NDP’s General Secretariat.
For the first time, the electoral college will include members from outside the party who are called the “Group of 50.”
Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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