Nazif will talk investment in Ethiopia

Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif’s visit to Addis Ababa next Thursday aims to encourage strategic Egyptian investment in Ethiopia, particularly in agriculture and oil extraction, according to the ministers of agriculture and irrigation.

Minister of Agriculture Amin Abaza said Nazif will head a delegation of 26 Egyptian agriculture companies. The delegation will inspect land proposed by the Ethiopian government for Egyptian investment projects.

"We will study possibilities of growing sugar cane, thanks to the abundant water resources of this country," he said. "In return, we will give priority to Ethiopia in our imports of frozen meat."

Irrigation Minister Mohamed Allam said Ethiopia has proposed building three medium-size dams on the Blue Nile to generate electricity for industrial purposes. "We have agreed to the offer as long as it would not affect Egypt’s Nile water quota." Allam said.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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