NATO foreign ministers reiterate solidarity

NATO foreign ministers said Tuesday in a joint statement they remain steadfast in the “commitment to Ukraine’s independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity” and pledged allies will assist Ukraine as it repairs its energy infrastructure amid Russian attacks.

“Russia’s unacceptable actions, including hybrid activities, energy blackmail, and reckless nuclear rhetoric, undermine the rules-based international order,” according to the statement.

“We condemn Russia’s cruelty against Ukraine’s civilian populations and violations and abuses of human rights, such as forcible deportations, torture, and barbaric treatment of women, children, and persons in vulnerable situations,” it said.

“We also remain resolute in supporting Ukraine’s long-term efforts on its path of post-war reconstruction and reforms, so that Ukraine can secure its free and democratic future, modernize its defense sector, strengthen long-term interoperability and deter future aggression,” according to the statement.

Ukraine has been experiencing blackouts as Russia continues to bombard energy infrastructure.

“We will continue to strengthen our partnership with Ukraine as it advances its Euro-Atlantic aspirations,” the ministers said.

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