Nationwide protests continue in Egypt

Protests continued to sweep the nation, mostly focusing on economic demands. 

In Beni Suef, 50 women who own flats in the Mubarak Housing Project protested before the governor’s office to demand reducing installments on their flats.

In Alexandria, students of Alexandria University staged protests on campus, demanding the departure of the university president and deans of faculties.

Workers of the Agricultural Cooperation Institute also staged protests. They accused the administration of losing LE1.5 million every month due to poor management.

Employees of Misr Bank decided to stage an open sit-in on Friday in front of the organization’s headquarters to request that bank’s board and internal labor union committee be dissolved.

Former workers of Nasr Automotive staged protests. They requested the company raise their pensions to put them on par with other workers of the company who were paid extra for early retirement.

Residents of al-Nahda and al-Salam districts also staged protests. They demanded to be provided with housing units, in replacement of their tents, in the neighboring desert area.

Residents of the Qamoula village in Luxor blocked the highway. They protested that the price of a butane gas cylinder had reached LE20.

Owners of travel agencies staged protests against Tourism Minister Mounir Fakhry Abdel Nour, and insisted that his ministry must provide US$60,000 to boost tourism.

The Armed Forces have repeatedly asked people to stop protests. 

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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