National Movement Party to support Sari Sayam as parliament’s speaker

While political parties continued consultations on who should be the parliament's speaker and his two deputies, the National Movement Party announced it would back MP Sari Sayam for the top position.
The Free Egyptians Party said it finds no difference between all elected MPs, and the party would not mind Sari or any other MP as speaker. 
MP Mohamed Badrawy, head of the National Movement Party, which was founded by former presidential hopeful Ahmed Shafiq, said the party would back Sayam for the speaker position due to his judicial experience as he was former head of the Supreme Judicial Council and served as an adviser to parliament for 15 years.
Sayam is also a neutral voice and does not belong to a political movement, said Badrawy, pointing out that the party would meet with Sayam in the coming days to convince him to run for the position.
Badrawy said MPs from the Free Egyptians Party and Mostaqbal Watan Party are also ready to back Sayam.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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