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National Council for Women launches official page for Complaints Office on Facebook and Instagram

The National Council for Women has launched an official page for the Women’s Complaints Office on Facebook and Instagram, titled “Women’s Complaints Office 15115”.

The page aims to clarify the office’s role in solving the legal and psychological problems facing Egyptian women.

It seeks to assist them in obtaining their rights through the office’s branches in different governorates, in addition to raising awareness of the legal rights of Egyptian women in all areas.

The page explains how to contact the office for legal advice and psychological counseling for women, either by calling the hotline at 15115, visiting one of the 27 branches of the office across Egypt, or via WhatsApp by contacting the number 01007525600.

The Women’s Complaints Office provides other services to women, including social support and financial assistance.

Complaints and inquiries received by the complaints office are answered by specialists and experts.

Image source: Women’s Complaints Office 15115 Instagram

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