National Center for Cinema to prepare national documentary films

The National Center for Cinema is preparing a series of films under the title "Return of Spirit" to document the testimonies of a group of men of the National Movement in Egypt since the 1970s until today.
"These films would display the most important national events and the most important situations fought by national figures while defending the homeland," said Director of the National Center for Cinema Walid Saif. "The films will be prepared by Mohamed Shafie and a group of directors of the National Center for Cinema will be directing them."
Saif added he has also started work this week on documentary films on the new Suez Canal.
Two teams are preparing the documentary films on the Suez Canal, Saif pointed out.
Director Atef Shokry has finished a film about Ahmad Badawy, a martyr who was one of the leaders of the armed forces. He played a historic role in the 1973 war with Israel, said Saif.
Editor Manar Roushdy is also preparing a documentary of historical events since the October war and until the 25 January revolution, according to Saif.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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