Nakhnoukh taken to hospital, source warns of his escape

The West Alexandria Prosecution approved on Monday Sabry “Nakhnoukh” Helmy’s request to be taken to a hospital for heart treatment, while a security source warned that this may be a plot for his escape and flight from Egypt.

Nakhnoukh’s lawyer filed the request with the prosecution on Monday, saying Nakhnoukh suffers from heart problems. The lawyer attached a report from the prison doctor stating that Nakhnoukh has heart palpitations and a blood pressure disorder.  

Nakhnoukh, according to the report, had previously undergone open heart surgery, and the prison doctor recommended that he be transferred to an intensive care unit in a hospital outside the prison. Nakhnoukh will be taken to the East City Hospital in the Sidi Beshr area of Alexandria.  

A security source at the Alexandria Security Directorate claimed that the request to transfer Nakhnoukh was the beginning of an escape attempt.

The source added that policemen cannot guard rooms in the intensive care unit, so there would be no way to prevent Nakhnoukh from escaping.

Major General Abdel Mawgoud Lotfy, head of the Alexandria Security Directorate, ordered five Central Security units to secure the entrances and exits of the hospital in preparation for Nakhnoukh’s arrival.  

Nakhnoukh would be examined by specialists to determine whether he should be admitted to the intensive care unit or not.

Edited Translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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