Naira Ashraf’s murderer executed on Wednesday morning

Mohamed Adel, who murdered his university colleague, Naira Ashraf, was executed on Wednesday morning at Gamasa General Prison.

The Court of Cassation rejected an earlier appeal submitted by the accused against his death sentence.

Top prosecutor Hamada al-Sawy, referred Adel on June 22, to the Criminal Court, on charges of premeditatedly murdering the victim, confirming that the accused had the intention and determination to kill her publicly.

Adel stabbed Ashraf several times with a knife, then slit her neck at the gates of Mansoura University in Daqahliya Governorate. after she turned down his marriage proposal.

Prosecutors presented the testimony of 15 witnesses, including students, university security personnel, and workers in the shops surrounding the incident, all of whom confirmed seeing the accused when the incident was committed.

The investigation authorities also listened to the statements of the relatives of Ashraf and her friends, who confirmed that the accused used to attack and threaten the victim because of her refusal to marry him after he proposed to her.

Naira Ashraf’s lawyer, Khaled Abdel Rahman, filed a compensation claim of LE10 million against Adel.

“We filed a lawsuit in the Belqas Court for compensation of LE10 million, and we requested obliging the accused to pay the expenses and attorney’s fees”. 

“One of the reasons is that Mohamed Adel’s mother continues to mock and abuse Naira and her family,” Abdel Rahman said.

Abdel Rahman confirmed that in case the court orders a compensation be paid to Ashraf’s family by Adel and his family and they are unable to pay, imprisonment will be applied to them.


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