NAC ‘weak,’ say Wafd Party officials

The reformist National Association for Change (NAC) movement has become “weak” following the departure of would-be presidential contender Mohamed ElBaradei and other prominent political figures from its ranks, according to Honorary President of the opposition Wafd Party Mustafa el-Tawil.

“The NAC isn’t a legal entity, ” said el-Tawil. “It’s neither a political party nor an NGO,” he added, noting that the association was simply trying to extend its life by cooperating with other groups, such as the Muslim Brotherhood opposition movement and certain political parties.

El-Tawil’s statements followed an announcement by the NAC that association representatives planned to visit Wafd Party headquarters next Monday to discuss a proposed boycott of parliamentary elections scheduled for later this year.

Last month, Party President El-Sayed el-Badawi announced that his party would field candidates in the upcoming elections. “We wouldn’t have known about the vote rigging that took place in the last elections had we not contested them,” he said at the time.

In related news, the Muslim Brotherhood launched an electronic campaign on its official website aimed at collecting signatures in support of the NAC’s “seven conditions,” which include demands for amendments to the constitution.

“All the political forces to have joined the NAC have agreed to participate in this campaign,” said brotherhood spokesman Essam el-Erian, who went on to urge all Egyptians to take part in it.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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