NAC states six demands to be voiced on Friday’s protest

The National Association for Change (NAC) called for a protest on Friday entitled “Path Correction Friday” which aims at rescuing the 25 January revolution.

In a statement on Sunday, NAC said division among protesters, absence of unity and slow decision making have led to a clear disruption of the revolution’s path, which has harmed the revolution and tarnished its image.

NAC stated six demands that will be voiced on Friday, first of which is deploying security troops, purging the police apparatus and ending thuggery.

The demands also included purging state institutions of corrupt figures, ending military trials for civilians, amending issued recently anti-revolution laws such as the law criminalizing protests, the parties law and the parliamentary elections law.

Issuing a new law on judicial authority to supporting judiciary independence  was also among the demands, as well as approving list-based candidacy and canceling the single winner system, which opens the door for bribery,the use of weapons and thuggery.

The NAC called on people to end their protest and leave at 6 pm.

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