Muslim Brotherhood series producer demands release of documents

Mohsen Radi, owner of al-Rehab Company for media production, slated to produce a TV series on the life of Hassan al-Banna, demanded the release of interviews with al-Banna, founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, from the Egyptian Radio and Television Union. Al-Rehab hopes to use the interviews, which were recorded on three different occasions, in producing his TV series.

Radi, an Egyptian journalist and MP belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood, said the biopic will focus on clerical and political activity, including al-Banna's role in driving the British out of Egypt.

The Muslim Brotherhood will not be involved in the production of the series, according to Radi, aside from confirming historical events.

Radi said the al-Gama'a TV serial, currently airing, is harming the reputation of Al-Azhar, the supreme religious establishment in Egypt. The al-Banna series, according to Radi, is not a response to al-Gama'a, and only seeks to inform Arabs and Muslims about the true identity of al-Banna.

Ahmed Saif al-Islam, son of the Muslim Brotherhood founder, said the al-Gama'a series has pushed both al-Banna's family and the Brotherhood to produce a stronger series that would portray the real experiences of his father.

According to al-Islam, the family is gathering together al-Banna's documents which will be drawn upon when making the series.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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