Muslim Brotherhood members re-imprisoned in Daqahliya

The public prosecutor for southern Mansoura in the governorate of Daqahliya ordered the re-arrest of six members of the illegal Muslim Brotherhood for a period of 15 days. They were previously arrested on 12 October and transferred to the el-Marg prison facility.

Several families of the detainees gathered in front of the prosecution’s headquarters in Mansoura city while re-detention orders were being debated. The families chanted, “Freedom to the honorable” and “May God deliver and avenge us for those responsible.” While being moved to the police van that carried them back to detention, the six suspects raised their hands in victory.

In the Sharqiya governorate, Ahmed el-Refai, deputy university president for education and student affairs at Zaqaziq University, suspended 16 students from the Faculty of Engineering for two weeks for their membership in the Muslim Brotherhood. The students were also banned from any student activities. The decision was issued after the students distributed class schedules adorned with the Brotherhood’s slogan, “Islam is the Solution.” They also posted H1N1 warning messages carrying the same slogan, and insisted on holding celebrations without obtaining prior approval from university management, said Zaqaziq University’s disciplinary board.

The students claim they were suspended to discourage other Muslim Brotherhood students from participating in student activities.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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