Muslim Brotherhood members establish fifth party

Former members of the Muslim Brotherhood and leaders from its internal opposition front have established a new political party called the Leadership Party. The party is to be the fifth founded by Brotherhood members.

Already established are the Freedom and Justice Party, founded by the group itself; the Renaissance Party, founded by former Brotherhood leader Ibrahim al-Zafarany; the Egyptian Current Party, founded by Brotherhood representatives in the 25 January Youth Coalition; and the Peace and Development Party founded by engineer Hamid al-Dafrawy, a leader of the Brotherhood internal opposition front.

Sources from the Brotherhood internal opposition front said that the Leadership Party is beiing established by Khaled Dawoud, a former Renaissance Party member.

They added that the party will be headed by Dawoud, Abdel Maguid al-Deeb and Mohamed Heikal, and said that further details will be announced this week.

"The Leadership Party is founded by many people who belong to different political movements, including Muslim Brotherhood leaders and a number of Muslim Brotherhood youth," said Haitham Khalil, saying that it is a civilian party.

He added that the party may choose to ally with other parties, especially new ones, but refuses to ally with the Freedom and Justice Party due to its group affiliation.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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