Muslim Brotherhood leader arrested in Agamy

Security services arrested Ismail Hamed, a Muslim Brotherhood member wanted in the case known as the “international organization,” in the Agamy summer resort west of Alexandria.

Security sources said Hamed was residing in Sudan and arrived in Egypt last week before being arrested and detained pending investigation.

“All Muslim Brotherhood cases are political and have no legal justification,” said Brotherhood lawyer Khalaf Bayoumi, who expected the court to order Hamed’s release.

Meanwhile, another four Brotherhood members were arrested in the northern city of Beheira for collecting signatures for Mohamed ElBaradei’s campaign for reform.

“Arresting these members is an attempt by the regime to intimidate the group,” said leading Brotherhood member Gamal Heshmat. “All opposition forces and thousands of citizens support these demands.”

In a related development, Muslim Brotherhood Secretary-General Mahmoud Hussein said the group’s Guidance Bureau will nominate candidates for the next parliamentary elections. However, Guidance Bureau member Ossama Nasr said the group’s Shura Council will undertake this task.

Muslim Brotherhood activist Haitham Abu Khakliln said the group is training some 75 bloggers on Facebook to launch a campaign supporting the group’s candidates in the elections.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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