Muslim Brotherhood international organization denies moving to Austria

Secretary general of the Muslim Brotherhood international organization Ibrahim Mounir has denied that the group is moving from London to Austria.
The British Daily Mail newspaper quoted on Sunday an anonymous source as saying that the group will transfer the headquarter to Austria following the probe ordered by British Prime Minister David Cameroon earlier the month.
"I cannot accept or imagine leaving London to any country. The group is not led from London. The organizational decisions are not made here. The headquarters is the main assembly point for the memers where they meet to draw strategies to stay relatively safe," he added.
"We, in England as individuals, have freedom in movement and work. We have nothing to fear of before or after the probe. We did not commit a crime or break las and the British authorities know that," he said expressing readiness to cooperate with investigations authorities.
He also denied that Egyptian members in Doha have requested political asylum in London, as British law first requires presence in the country before submitting a request. He added that no members have arrived to London from Doha.
Edited translaion from Anadolu Agency

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