Muslim Brotherhood figure calls on Morsy supporters to sacrifice themselves

Mohamed al-Beltagi, member of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party, addressed President Mohamed Morsy’s supporters on Tuesday, calling on them to sacrifice themselves in defense of President Morsy’s legitimacy in the face of millions of demonstrators who demand an end to his rule.
On Facebook, Beltagi described the 30 June protests as a "30 June coup d’etat."
“We are clearly facing a coup by the former regime, that is supported by a misleading and counter-revolutionnary media that benefits from political conflict,” he added.
Beltagi added that sacrifice is an important measure to prevent the "coup," and that it is the only way to remain loyal to the martyrs of the revolution.
Privately-owned daily al-Tahrir reported similar statements on Monday, which Beltagi made while addressing supporters rallying in Rab’a al-Adaweya Square.
“Say goodbye to your mother, father, and wife, because you will sacrifice your soul to defend Mohamed Morsy’s legitimacy,” he said.


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