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Musician undergoes brain surgery while playing guitar


The British Daily Mail newspaper highlighted a spectacular brain surgery where the patient, a guitarist, played his guitar all throughout the six-hour surgery.

Musician Musa Menzini, who won many awards in his native country of South Africa suffered a brain tumor. To prevent surgeons from damaging the part of his brain responsible for his musical talent, Menzini opted to play his guitar during the operation.

“Dr Basil Enicker, who co-led the surgery, said that by playing the guitar the medics were able to ‘test regions of the brain before they were removed’. This enabled them to take out as much of the tumor as possible without causing damage,” Daily Mail said.

This enabled doctors to avoid damaging the brain area that controls voluntary movements, known as the motor cortex, which can lead to speech problems and even paralysis.

Menzini is reportedly recovering and looks looking forward to recording another album.

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