Music producer says he uncovered ‘defective’ Rotana deal

Mohsen Gaber, owner of the music production company Alam el-Fan, said he is the reason why details of the deal between the Egyptian Television and Radio Union (ERTU) and Rotana, one of the Arab world’s largest media companies, have been revealed to the public. The Public Funds Prosecution is currently investigating the alleged sale of recordings of Egyptian concerts to Rotana at prices lower than stipulated by ERTU’s regulations.

Gaber said a lawsuit he filed against Rotana for broadcasting songs owned by his company Alam el-Fan prompted Rotana to present the contract according to which the ERTU had sold it the televised concerts. The Administrative Control Authority sent a report to the Information Ministry concerning the “defective” contract which, in turn, referred the matter to the attorney general.

Gaber said he submitted a request to the court to receive a list of songs sold by the ERTU to Rotana in order to find out whether Rotana has bought songs that he already owns. If it transpires that the ERTU sold the songs he owns, Gaber said, then he will take the matter to court. Gaber added that he owns 80 percent of Arab music produced before 2004.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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