Mubarak’s justice minister latest corruption suspect

Egypt's current Justice Minister, Mamdouh Marie, is the latest Mubarak-affiliated official to face numerous corruption charges.

One of three Mubarak regime officials who still hold positions in the army-appointed interim cabinet, he is charged with interfering with judicial affairs and the workings of Egyptian courts to benefit himself and his cronies.

Since the resignation of the former president on 11 February, a torrent of corruption cases have overwhelmed the attorney general's office. They involve Mubarak's family members, former ministers, top officials and various businessmen with close ties to the old regime.

Judiciary sources said on Monday that 56 judges' reports filed with Attorney General Abdel Meguid Mahmoud accuse Marie of interfering in specific litigations to favor former ministers and state officials. They also accuse him of profiteering from his post.

The sources added that an investigator spent three hours listening to the judges providing evidence for their allegations.

The complainants said Marie's boldest interventions came in cases involving illicit gain. Their testimonials illustrated that his actions enabled violators to escape punishment and resulted in huge financial losses for Egypt.

Among other accusations, the judges said Marie used his position to force a Kafr al-Sheikh judge to deliver a decree illegally entitling Marie’s nephews to a state-owned land. They said Marie unfairly framed the judge and sacked him when he refused to cooperate.

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