Mubarak’s doctors claim he fell into an hour-long coma

Medical sources at Sharm el-Sheikh International Hospital said that deposed President Hosni Mubarak on Saturday fell into a sudden coma, but that his medical team succeeded in waking him an hour later. His doctors prohibited visits due to his deteriorating health condition.

They also said Mubarak asked to see his grandson after he woke from the coma.

In related news, Interior Minister Mansour Essawy sent a report to the attorney general, informing him that Tora Prison Hospital would not be ready to receive Mubarak within less than a month.

A medical source said that Mubarak will stay in Sharm el-Sheikh Hospital for at least another week, and that his condition would not permit  him to be moved elsewhere.

The source added that Mubarak’s doctors absolved themselves of any responsibility for his well being in the event he is moved from the hospital.

Meanwhile, Dr. Emad Shaaban, head of the acute conditions unit at the Heart Institute, said Mubarak could indeed be moved from the hospital. Shaaban argued that the atrial flutter he suffers is not dangerous and does not require keeping him in the intensive care unit.

Shaaban criticized Chief Coroner al-Sebaay Ahmed al-Sebaay for the report he submitted on Mubarak’s health condition. “He submitted a report on a disease he knows nothing of,” he said. “Coronaries related to corpses, not living patients.”

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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