Mubarak: Upcoming elections will be characterized by integrity

For a long time Egypt has defended Arab issues and the Palestinian cause, said President Hosni Mubarak yesterday in an interview with Al-Shurta (The Police) magazine. The president went on to lament what he perceives as the ungratefulness of other Arabs.

"Our sacrifices are met with campaigns of suspicion and attempts to cast aspersion, and […] we are extremely angry about what happened lately in Arish and Rafah, the targeting of our soldiers, and attempts to bring chaos to our land under the name of solidarity convoys to Gaza," Mubarak said in the interview.

"How would the region, the Arab world and the Middle East in general be if Egypt had not assumed its responsibilities?"

Mubarak emphasized that Egypt will continue to support the Palestinian cause and the peace process, while giving priority to Egypt’s national security.

When asked about the role of political parties, Mubarak said, "Parties are part of the Egyptian political system. If there are disagreements between parties about some programs or positions, this doesn’t mean that some of those parties are more patriotic or loving toward Egypt than others."

Mubarak also advised political parties to end their internal conflicts and offer solutions rather than just criticism.

The president further called on political parties to integrate new members and young people, giving them the opportunity to take   decisions that shape their futures.

The Ministry of Interior will play an important role in the upcoming parliamentary and presidential elections, Mubarak said, adding that the ministry should contribute to bolstering constitutional and legislative reforms introduced in 2005.

Mubarak also assured that the upcoming parliamentary elections will be characterized by integrity, and that the new formation of the People’s Assembly formation will reflect the will of the voters.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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