Mubarak trial: Court sees videos ‘showing policemen killing protesters’

On Saturday the court trying former President Hosni Mubarak began watching videos allegedly showing the killing of protesters during the 25 January revolution. Former Interior Minister Habib al-Adly and six of his aides are also defendants in the case.

The court will watch 32 videos, including clips of policemen shooting at protesters, said the plaintiffs' lawyers.
They said that one video shows policemen killing protesters in Cairo's Sheikh Rihan Street, near the Ministry of Interior, another shows State Security forces killing a protester in Arish, and others show policemen shooting at protesters in Suez.
They also said that footage previously screened on satellite channels, showing armored police vehicles running over dozens of protesters on Qasr al-Nil Bridge and Abdel Monem Riad Sqaure, will be shown.
The lawyers said the videos also show how police suddenly withdrew from Cairo's streets.
They said there are other videos that cannot be screened in public for national security reasons.
Since this is a procedural session, the suspects, the prosecution and Chief Judge Ahmed Refaat are not present.
Police intensified their presence outside the courtroom due to fears of protests by Mubarak loyalists and opponents.

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