Mubarak taped his memoirs until 2002: Journalist

An Egyptian journalist close to decision-making circles during the former regime has said that ousted President Hosni Mubarak had recorded an almost complete personal diary until 2002, including a full account of the October War.

Abdallah Kamal tweeted the information, in a message that said, "Former President Mubarak might be one of the few who videotaped a complete testimony of the October War, while taping his personal memoir."

Kamal, who is the former Editor-in-Chief of Rose al-Youssef magazine and newspaper, did not say how he learned of the memoir tapes.

There have debates among intellectuals and politicians since the 25 January revolution about whom to credit for Egypt's gains in the 6 October War, and whether the first air strike, which was led by Mubarak when he was commander of the Air Force, was responsible or whether it was the work of a team led by former Chief of Staff Saad al-Shazly.

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